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Ouch. 4 levels over and youre getting massive XP reductions? Was it still green? This worries me a bit as Im 32 and completely missed all of the FPs from 25 up. was planning on hitting a few tonight as they were still green but now Im having second thoughts.

I havent noticed but are there any powerleveling restrictions in place now? We had an 18 with us on BT once, but I dont remember losing any XP over it so I assume it only effects those over level.
My green missions right now are Cademimu and Mandalorian Raiders (If I'm remembering right). Not even going to waste my time in MR, I know I won't get anything from it, the bosses in Cade might still give me XP but not the normal mobs. It never fails though, whenever I have gone back and done a flashpoint for a second time upon completion I get the "mission complete" popup and the reward is 5XP. It may just be because when I go back I tend to be 2-4 levels higher than when I first ran it. I haven't ran the same flashpoint twice within the same level before, I'll test that tonight, but as I said before why make the missions repeatable if you basically get nothing when you're done? I know you get to redo the bonus quest and you get a couple thousand XP for that if you do it, but that seems to be the only thing that makes doing lower flashpoints remotely worth it besides the possibility of gear. (But 8K for a bonus mission essentially doesn't mean anything either when you're higher level and it takes 300K+ XP to level.)

EDIT: My green dailies from the box on the fleet at 42 were definitely Boarding Party and Foundry, Not Cade and MR. Still only got 5XP for Foundry at the time when it was the higher of the two.