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I definitely don't wait around when I can't find a group. But It's pretty ridiculous when I get 5XP from doing Black Talon/Esseles for the second time when I'm only level 15 and it's a 10ish flashpoint. (I know I could go do Hammer Station at 15, but that's not the point) Trust me, I'm not talking about being level 50 and wondering why BT gives me no XP. I did Foundry at level 42, I believe it's about a level 38 flashpoint, Why does a measly 4 level gap mean that I get practically nothing from it except XP from killing mobs? I The mobs weren't grey, in which case I would understand, and the bosses were still a pretty decent challenge, it's not like we ran through the place and powered through it in 20 minutes.
Ouch. 4 levels over and youre getting massive XP reductions? Was it still green? This worries me a bit as Im 32 and completely missed all of the FPs from 25 up. was planning on hitting a few tonight as they were still green but now Im having second thoughts.

I havent noticed but are there any powerleveling restrictions in place now? We had an 18 with us on BT once, but I dont remember losing any XP over it so I assume it only effects those over level.
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