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01.05.2012 , 03:24 PM | #1
So we started to do some hardmode flashpoints since a few days and while having fun there's also a lot of disappointment in our group.

So far we've done Black talon, The foundry and boarding party and the amount of bugs is just annoying.

We've managed to clear Black talon after plenty of wipes on the last boss because 1 member was bugging out with the pulling in mechanic, at times he just kept floating in the air and was instakilled because he couldn't move out. A swtor reboot fixed that problem but it was annoying.

Boarding Party: First boss is a joke, you cannot possibly wipe on him, if someone dies you can just run out of the room and he won't reset and won't follow you. Overall this instance isn't really bugged but it kinda sucks the boxes stay locked when you wipe. We haven't been able to kill the last boss yet but he seems like a nice challenge so kudos for that.

The foundry: First boss is a joke and then there's the 2nd one KT07 or whatever. In 15 tries he bugged out everytime, sometimes his shields wouldn't appear, sometimes his thing wouldn't go up after the shields were destroyed and sometimes he just teleported out of his hideout to oneshot people. Extremely annoying. And apparently Revan is also bugged or way overtuned from what I've read.

So my question is, are there any hardmode flashpoints that are without bugs and enjoyable because I'm getting kinda annoyed?