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The only problem with skipping flashpoints is that when you go back and do the quest when you're higher level you get something like 5XP for completing the quest when you're done. This may just be after you already ran said flashpoint, but if you're only gonna get 5XP for it, what's the point of making it a daily quest? Just to be able to do the bonus mission again?
To do the flashpoint and see what it's like. That's the only reason. Of course you're going to get extremely low exp because you don't need to do the flashpoint for any other reason. There are still dailies around your level anyway.

Why even bother waiting around and NOT leveling if that's your main concern? Just ask yourself that since you brought it up. I gave you a perfectly good solution just for that reason.

My point is that if you can get a group in a short amount of time, more power to you and good luck. If you can't and no one's bothering to do it then why look stupid just asking around for 30 minutes or more on end when you could be enjoying the main aspect of the game?