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It can be. there have been times when I hit the sweet spot and could find group after group after group and there have been times when I spent half an hour trying to form a group only to realize it wasn't going to happe.

Of course it helps that I almost always play tanks or healers. I have been doing stuff in fleet (crafting, managing inventory, training etc etc) and have witnessed people spamming LFG for a lot longer (hour +) only have findally give up. This is really bad for the game. People need to run flashpoints at the appropriate levels.

As to the LFG setting on your social window. There are 3 problems with that;
1) A lot of players are not even aware of it
2) The "comment window" is so short you can't put anything meaningful into it
3) Even if you get what you want in the comment window, it resets when zone to new place replaces it with the generic text "LFG" which is not helpful

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Join a guild

It seems to me that if people Coalesce into seperate groups and only play with eeach other that would destroy any community the server could have had.