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I'm an officer for what is probably the most successful Imperial guild on my server so far (not gloating, using it to make a point), and even then finding a group for flashpoints is pretty difficult. We have 290ish members and 1-50 level range but it just seems like nobody wants to do flashpoints, for the most part, on the server as a whole.. As an example, I sat in the fleet for an hour and a half to find a group for The Foundry, I flew to planets with the same level range and asked in their general chats and still practically no interest. Guildmates don't usually want to do it, either. I've given up trying to find a group for The Red Reaper and groups for Colicoid War Game are few and far between to say the least. The only constant groups I see are for Black Talon/Esseles, Hammer Station, and Athiss. Then we get some for Mandalorian Raiders, Then people get to Cademimu and can't find a group for their life and they give up after that. This is just my experience on my server, however. Anyone else on a server with lazy/unwilling/unsocial (whatever word you want to use) players when it comes to flashpoints?