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-The loot will be a little bit better then level 50 heroic gear, that you would get from flashpoints. Mainly epic gear that gets better as you increase the difficulty

-I'm not sure what race the infernal one is, although I do remember them saying it somewhere on the site.

- As far as the difficulty, there are three levels to all the operations. Normal mode operations can pretty much be done almost as soon as soon as you hit level 50 as long as you've been keeping up as far as making sure your gear is up to date. The Next level is heroic mode which can be done once you've geared up from heroic flashpoints and normal mode operations, and the last level is called nightmare mode which can be done once you've geared up from Heroic difficulty operations and gotten gear equivalent to that of heroic operations from commendation vendors etc.

- The actual difficulty as far as the individual fights is kind of hard to say at the moment because not many people have gotten to do them. So the bosses could have just have more HP or the mechanics could be different all together depending on which mode you do.The most difficult part is usually forming a skilled and balanced long as everyone meets the minimum gear requirements, the rest is just about teamwork. I know in the last beta patch however they thought nightmare modes were too easy so they made them a little harder, so I'm assuming there pretty challenging...hence the name lol..

-Hope that Helps!
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