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But if it makes you feel any better, our characters aren't like us and they don't live in a world like ours. It seems that marriages for sith are as much about gaining social status and power or moreso than they are about love.
that's not the point. I just got to this quest yesterday, playing full dark side sith. I have killed every npc I've had the option to. I've killed enemies, incompetent allies, and I've killed people just because I could. On alderaan in the class quest when the general begged me to kill him and not his lover, I killed everyone in the room except him, out of spite. I have actively encouraged Jaessa to hunt and kill light side leaning sith. There is NO WAY I would forgive someone who betrays me and tries to kill me. The way the story stands the harshest I can do is choke him for 10 seconds then keep him on my ship.

what idiot would let a traitor stay on their ship, nevermind what self respecting sith would let him live? honestly...