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01.05.2012 , 02:29 PM | #9
This works for us first time every try now:

Everyone stays on the entrance/raised platform, kind of in the doorway. As a PowerTech, I attack the group below.

Jorland and the Medic move forward and start ranged attacking me, I'm the only one in line of sight to them (I stand kind of on top of the computer/railing there near the entrance).

Shield dude runs up the stairs and we all burn him down, I alternate taunts to keep him on me 75% of the time or so and it goes quick because he's also out of LOS of the Medic.

The group then jumps down and goes and kills the medic, staying spread out, then does the same with Jorland. The key is really having a half decent healer, and DPS who are smart enough to be in range of AOE heals without getting splash damage.