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Follow this and you will 1 shot it every time.

-Tank pick up the Medic and the Commando and tank them where they are.
-Have your 2 DPS pull the Chief up the steps a few feet into the hall(where you enter the boss room, red light shining on ground is a good spot) and blow him up.
-Have your healer stand at the top of those steps, on the console so he/she can heal everyone.
-Once Chief dies blow up Commando, pop ALL CD's, Defensive and Offensive.
-Once Commando is dead kill healer, interrupt if you can, if not just power through it..he's easy but he hits the tank hard.

Kill Order - Chief - Commando - Medic

Reason for pulling Chief up, to avoid lots of unnecessary dmg from the Commando until you're ready to kill him.

Chief will sometimes drop aggro and go for the healer or the other DPS, not a big long as he doesn't run down to the tank.
If you live to kill the Commando you win, but you still have to kill the Medic.