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If you finished your class quests it should have asked you to travel to the fleet, there you get 2 quests, one to go to Ilum and the other is the Belsavis Bonus series (which leads into the dailies there)

Edit: The Belsavis one comes from one of the Quest Drop Box like things, and I think Malgus gives you the Ilum one through a droid if I remember right, someone correct me if I'm wrong.
Ah, that kinda sucks. I've been taking my time with my class quest. (I still have to go to Corellia) I have been getting all the datacrons and completing as many quests as possible before leaving each planet. So far I'm only missing one datacron (The green matrix shard on Belsavis! (PITA)) Anyhow, I guess this is motivation to finish up my class quest this weekend.

Edit: Thanks Julius!
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