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01.05.2012 , 11:48 AM | #19
Whats his name from the A-Team said it best..."I love it when a good plan comes together". Now in my opinion the "plan" is to get through the instance perfectly..where mobs are CC'd awesomely, the tank holds aggro perfectly, everyone avoids avoidable damage, and the dps never pull aggro unless specifically asked to off tank. This gives everyone in the group a goal to strive for and without the chance of personal failure, what fun is the game? If dps does not try to let the tank do their job how do they define personal failure? or is failure just something left to tanks and heals? Of course the "perfect" run rarely happens. But as long as everyone is genuinely trying the mistakes can actually add quite a bit of fun and excitement to the run.

It's like golf, no such thing as a perfect game but the fun is always striving for it and trying to improve towards a goal with each time out. There are times when power is needed, times when some critical thinking is needed, and times when some finesse is needed. But if you just go out and whack the ball as hard as you can every time and only define success as simply managing to get the ball in all 18 holes (or simply downing each boss, with no tact) well then thats just not good golf is it? lol