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Where does melee or a melee tank stand to affect the turrets? Couldn't find a spot not atop the turret pylon to melee them as a Immortal Juggernaut. Also, what do the power cells on the turret bases have to do with the turrets (ie kill them or ignore)? Finally, the add waves will stop after a while; allowing the raid to focus on the turrets only?

These questions about the breakin fight obviously. Had an exploration attempt with a pug raid that was massively discourging as a Juggernaut. Leap on the turrets put me up on the pylon, but the healers said they couldn't heal me. Didn't find any where not on the pylon to be able to engage the turret. We wern't cc'ing the turrets, so it was incredibly frustrating trying to figure out how to be in range of the turrets, be healable, and keep agro while being hammered by them. Think 8 to 12 seconds to look before wipe starts.
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