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Hello everyone, good day. Before I state my problem, I'd like to simply point out now this is not written to provoke ill-will of any kind, nor to bring up any belligerent topics like "I hate BW i'm unsubbing, slicing sux". I believe I am doing something wrong or do not fully grasp the entire crew skill.

Alright then. Sometime yesterday I was doing flashpoints with some pick-me up group members, and one guy mentioned how he could have made 30 -or more- thousand credits throughout the duration of our attempt at the mission, if only he had remembered to keep his companions out slicing. We had only been in the flashpoint for about 100 minutes (we were all a bit under-leveled so it was taking us a while) so I thought this was strange. I asked him how he could possibly make that much through slicing given the time we had invested in the flashpoint. His answer was simple, but confusing at the same time: he said his companions returned lock-boxes that rolled between 4 and 5 thousand credits on average, and could even get higher on rare occasions. I was in complete disbelief, of course, and told him he was full of it and exaggerating. Personally, I've been at level 400 slicing since level 19 or 20 (I played too much and was on long-enough to keep it going, if anyone thinks that's unrealistic) and am now level 32. Since those 12 or so levels I've only been enjoying returns of 1000-2000 (the highest return yet is 2030 credits, not counting the discovery missions) on 2 companions every half hour, and now since I've reached level 30, another 700-1000 with my last companion doing the slicing missions leveled 41-49. I argued with him for quite a while about how he was blowing smoke up everyone's rears.

Eventually it came down to the fact I was "doing something wrong". After more discussion, it turned out the reason for my "unusually low" returns was because my companions affection ratings were too low, and to increase their affection for me would grant better returns. That sounded logical to me; the more they like me the better they work.

When I got back to the station I invested enough Hutt Data cubes (level 2 gifts at 600 a piece) to level my T7's affection from around 900 to roughly 5000. I've done NUMEROUS, probably a half-dozen, slicing missions with T7 since I leveled his affection so high, and I have not gotten a SINGLE increase in my returns. I still average less than 8000 credits per hour, as opposed to his supposed 20-30 thousand or more.

Was this guy totally jackwagoning around? Or am I doing something wrong?

A few estimations:

From my three companions (Kira at a bit over 1000 affection, T7 at 5000, and C2 at 0) I receive between 1000-2000 from the level 50 missions, and 700-1000 from the level 41-49 multiplied by thee every half hour. Ideally I could earn up to 5000 per half hour, or 10k each hour. However it is almost always close to between 5-8k .

According to this other player, he ideally, receives 4-5k per companion per half hour. Ideally for him, that's 15,000 every half hour and 30,000 on every hour, not taking into account any big returns from doing the discovery missions.

Any thoughts or advice would be great. I haven't blown any of my information out of proportion; no hyperbole here. Why am I, supposedly, getting so little from my returns, and this other person up to 4x more than me?

Edit: after some more watching of my returns and the shifts of credits. I'm spending between 1450 and 2000 credits per each mission, and only net-gaining at the maximum 400 credits per mission every half hour, that is, if I'm getting lucky. More times than I'd like I'm actually having net losses after doing these missions of 400 or even more credits per mission per half-hour.