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TL;DR - Treasure Hunting CAN be more profitable than slicing but it is much more of a gamble.

Treasure hunting lock boxes are different than Slicing lock boxes. Sometimes those missions yield a credit box but more often the box will contain a piece of BoE gear. I haven't tracked my gains with these missions but profitability varies greatly depending on what you get in the boxes. Sometimes i get a BoE blue which I can sell on the GTN for a large profit (assuming it sells). Other times I get an item AND some credits which turns out to be a profit. Finally, I will sometimes get a box with only a green item or some credits which will likely be a loss.

The Treasure Hunting stones do have a high demand on the GTN but also a large supply. Until you get into some of the higher missions, you will be wading through a lot of blue quality gems in an effort to get the highly sought after purples.