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i need an advice an this one, can the income from lockbox in TH be compared to the income from lockboxes in Slicing? I'm ~400 in Slicing and as I far as I can tell it's not worth the effort to wait 30-60min for your companions return from mission, as you get a lousy 500 credits income at best. So should change to TH and do the same lockbox stuff plus there also gemstone missions, and these as i've noticed are in demand (correct me if i'm wrong) in GTN.
Depends how much purple mats (and the level 340 missions you need to consistently get them) are selling for.

I usually make a tidy profit off TH 340 missions I buy off the AH.

I usually get 4-8 Blue Gems (grade 6), 2-4 Purple Gems (grade 6), and a lockbox containing a large number of credits (8k is max I've gotten) or a Orange level 47 item that I sold on the AH for 30k.

I only buy the 340 missions for about 12k, so that is a tidy profit - especially if I ever decide to sell my Corusca gems.
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