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I get your point, and it is true that we have no solid data yet, but: Every raid/group leader who has tried those encounters above with a melee DPS-heavy setup, knows what im talking about. The encounters are considerably harder, and I believe this shouldn't be the case. So from your post, I gather that you haven't tried the hard-mode FPs and Ops yet, maybe you should wait to see those in such a group.
On one hand, I can understand where you're coming from and no I haven't done the hard-mode FPs and Ops yet. I certainly intend to however. Playing melee is always harder, but seriously in SWTOR I find it much easier than in most games. I'd be all for some future raid/group content that is aimed to be extra challenging for ranged DPS, what I do not however want to see is Melee DPS buffed as some sort of reward for the challenging(ish) nature of Melee DPS play in raids. This is every bit as much of a problem as developers dramatically rehashing classes due to PvP conflicts. If the issue is FPs/Ops then I would hope that any solutions are focused on those areas of play.

The image of the crappy ranged DPS player who stands in the pool of (X/Y bad stuff in a raid encounter) is something all of us who have played basically any past MMO has engrained in our heads. This is an issue of playstyle and in more than one game I've played that stigma urged people not to invite "Huntards" (or the ranged DPS equivalent) on raid events. I really don't know that there's an issue unless people have actual problems downing bosses with Melee DPS groups.