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I honestly think they're about on par with every other MMO on launch. When I browse during the work day I am often filled with disgust and think "this is a new low" then I remember every other mainstream forum on launch, this is about par for course and honestly cleaning up faster than most I think.

As far as the OP's point, I get the feeling he is actually wrong in SWTOR but there is no parsing system so neither of us have the numbers to back our opinions up. Melee DPS seems to hit plenty hard in this game, certainly in PvP and I imagine just as much in PvE. I often feel in just about every MMO I've played that melee is the underdog, I get that feeling less here than I have in most games.

Note: I am not advocating a parsing system, I do not particularly want one to be honest.
I get your point, and it is true that we have no solid data yet, but: Every raid/group leader who has tried those encounters above with a melee DPS-heavy setup, knows what im talking about. The encounters are considerably harder, and I believe this shouldn't be the case. So from your post, I gather that you haven't tried the hard-mode FPs and Ops yet, maybe you should wait to see those in such a group.