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When I played other mmos, Im usually the tank, notably Lord Of The Rings Online. As a tank I dont go screaming @ DPSers who out aggro me as long as you aren the cause of a wipe or anything.

So, any comments?
If the tank doesn't know you, and you don't even take the time to talk to him about it, yes, you ARE in the wrong.

It's really stressfull to try to control mobs when a trigger happy dps runs about.
Just because YOU felt it was smooth doesn't meant the tank and healer had the same experience.
Maybe they had to react a lot faster to keep pulls under control or at least were under the impression they had to.
Further the group actually asked you to paly with them, which you refused.
From what I can tell, they had a different style to do it THEY agreed on and you pulled off your little one man I do what I want show.
100% your fault and you were , in fact, a pure *****hole.