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01.05.2012 , 02:30 AM | #1013
I'm betting everyone of those who don't see the problem use their mouse to activate abilities, don't pvp, and when they do they stay there befouled and watch the scenery.

And if you say you don't care, it's okay it's your choice and i can respect that, but remember there are at least as many if not more people who see the problem and can't enjoy the game because of it.

If you say it's not your problem, well your wrong - IT IS your problem even if you don't see the ability delay and character responsiveness bugs because lots of players eventually leaving the game because of it will severely affect you too.

notice how i've said "eventually leaving" that dose not mean now or tomorrow or the next month it means probably when a better game comes out and it can be in the following weeks or in the following months.

Truth be told i see and experience the problem but i at this time do not care about it that much but i can see it making me quit when i eventually get bored of all the content or at least be a big part of my reason for quitting.

Don't get me wrong i love the game, and i want it succeed and get better and all the fluffy stuff but having sub par combat responsiveness in a combat orientated game is just wrong.
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