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It's not possible to get used to it. There is a randomness to the unresponivness ability queue system.

I did like the ping pong analogy.

I like the analogy where it's like trying to fight someone in RL. I tried to kick the guy in the balls, but I tried 3 times and it didn't work, and all this time he was punching me in the face.
Yeah the ability queue is kinda busted, and does introduce a slight delay if used. You can leave it on, however, and still get instant responses if you manage to hit only AFTER the GCD. It only delays you if you hit early, which triggers the queue.

If your playstyle is to spam the button repeatedly each time you activate it, setting the queue to 0.0 will ensure that your first post GCD hit will activate it instantly, without any delay from the queue.

I wouldn't suggest 0.0 in any other situation: the delay's better than having to wait while you realize it didn't go off and have to hit it again. Maybe try setting it to 0.25 and trying to get the timing precise: if you miss, the queue catches and it goes off with a bit of a delay. If you hit, it goes off instantly.
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