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- When I reverse engineer things I am only permitted a relatively small chance to get the next tier of that item. Sometimes I make two items and get the next tier and other times I make 20 or more and still don't get the next tier.
I actually had an idea to eliminate some of the randomness of this. I'm going to make up numbers, since I have no idea what they are.

CURRENT: Lets say I make a green enhancement. Currently, I have a 5% chance every time I reverse engineer that enhancement to learn its blue recipe.

NEW METHOD: I make that same green enhancement. I still have a 5% chance to learn it when I reverse engineer that enhancement. However, if I DON'T learn it, I receive a 5% bonus to my next RE of that item. I make another green enhancement of the same type. I now have a 10% chance to learn the blue when it is RE'd. I fail again. I now have a 15% chance on the next one. Then 20%, then 25%, etc.

It allows for a sort of scaling returns as you make and RE things, but still allows the RNG to allow you to 'be brilliant' and discover an item sooner than if it was just a set number. So I could learn it on the first, but would be guaranteed never to have to RE more than 20. If BW wants purples to remain rarer than blues, then simply make the bonus 2% for them. So again, the possibility is there on the first, but could still be learned in a finite number of craftings.

Like I said, the actual numbers are for illustrative purposes, but the general idea is there.