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12.13.2011 , 11:44 PM | #6
I got the "operators are busy, call back later" line every time I called for about thirty minutes before I finally got through. I found that the automated menus were very vague and I had to repeat a few of them before making a choice. I then waited on hold for 3.3 hours before I finally got someone. At around the two hour mark the hold music stopped and the phone got completely quiet and stayed that way for about a minute. I thought for sure that I had just got the shaft and was hung up on but after about a minute of dead silence the music started again and I got the initial "All operators are busy, calls will be answered blah blah blah" message again. It sounds like others are experiencing something similar. I think maybe the hold music is on a loop and it starts over around the two hour mark, so just stay on the line. All that being said, the person I spoke with was very nice, very helpful and also very French. Even though they are swamped, he took the time to make sure I was fully satisfied. Issue was resolved in minutes. Frustrating? Yes, but they are probably getting 10's of thousands of calls from people crying about early access.