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To try and keep this short and sweet I'll make a "list" of my issues with it.

- The system used to give you missions is extremely frustrating. I am constantly having to choose between four companion gift missions and a fabric mission as a cybertech. This does not help me when I have all of my companions maxed out on affection.
I'll agree with this one and pass it off as a bug. I don't think they intended for that to happen.

- When I am able to send my companions out on a mission I am looking for I am unable to specify which item I want them to get because each grade of materials has multiple items available so I'm unable to even specify for my companions to get one material instead of another. If I receive the "wrong" material then I'm left to hope that I get a mission for it and that I get material X this time around instead of material Y. To add to this problem, the quantities you receive from the missions is extremely small. I have had companions crit a mission and come back with two of one material, the one I really need, and ten of another.
That is intended. If you could just select what you want and get a ton of it on demand, then everyone would be able to craft EVERYTHING and the market would get inflated. This system is designed to weed out everyone who is not committed to hard core crafting by demanding a huge time and credit investment. This system is for those who are willing to miss the crit on the materials they need 10 times in a row, not people who want a "give me Polyfibe" button.

- When I reverse engineer things I am only permitted a relatively small chance to get the next tier of that item. Sometimes I make two items and get the next tier and other times I make 20 or more and still don't get the next tier.
Again, if you only had to reverse engineer 3 items to get the good stuff, then EVERYONE would be a master crafter. We can't have that. You either dedicate yourself wholly to your craft or you don't. It's not our problem if you don't want to spend the time doing it.

- If I do get the next tier of that item it is randomly assigned a stat. I started with green earpieces and found out that they have quite a few different blue variations for one green earpiece. Each of those blue earpieces then have multiple variations on them as well making it difficult to get the useful patterns to make and sell or patterns you would like to use for yourself.
Rarity = uniqueness of a master crafter. The rarer a specific item is, the better it is for business because people like you won't put in the time to make it, and would rather just buy it.

- There is no reliable way to gather stuff yourself since it is really not much different than the results you see from sending companions out on missions. This is not a terrible way to get materials, it is a much more effective way of getting materials since you can get results much quicker than you could otherwise even if those results are completely random, but it is still dominated by randomness. Sometimes you will get three of material X and sometimes you will get two of material Y from the same creatures of the same level.
So? crafting is not meant to be condensed into a formula of "run around in this circuit getting exactly 4 aluminum over and over again until you craft a specific number of items to get a purple". That is slow and boring. The slot machine system works to simulate RNG without feeling too dull.

I really hope Bioware somehow finds a nice middle ground to remove some of the randomness and give the player more control over their crew skills because currently it feels like they really dropped the ball on what could have been a really good part of the game. I'm curious to see what some other people think about this and see if people generally agree with me or if the general consensus is that it is fine the way it is now.
I disagree with almost every way possible.