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From a healer's standpoint:

I was healing Crushing the Jedi Freedom Fighters on Nar Shaddaa last night on my 23 Sorcerer with a 24 Assassin tank and a 24 Marauder with Vette DPSing. On that mission, you have to go to a Heroic area with packs of three or four level 21 and 22 Elites. Even with CC, the tank really didn't have enough AOE threat to keep an entire pack on him, but it was fine because the healers in this game (if they know what they're doing) are insane. Even with multiple Elites a level or two below our level beating on our DPS, we only had Vette die a couple times (I had trouble tracking her health and targeting her because the portrait of other people's companions on the party frame is so small).

It seems like most Flashpoints have either small groups of Strongs or big groups of Standards and Weaks with maybe a Strong in it. As long as the tank picks up the strongest member or two of the pack, DPS (especially ranged DPS) should have no problems with killing the groups. On bosses, definitely let the tank take threat, with your ranged DPS killing the little adds that some of them call.

If you're talking about chain pulling, it's probably ok as long as you have a good healer, but you shouldn't do it through the entire flashpoint. Even with the bottomless well that is the Sorcerer's Force bar, it's nice to have a second to Seethe every once in a while (for the health lost to Consumption).
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