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01.05.2012 , 12:40 AM | #5
I recommend the hit and run - tactics.

Take the Twi'lek for all groups.

Groups with one golden and one silver: Shield your companion and cast regeneration on him, lift the golden one, let the twi'lek shoot the silver one and nuke the normal one. Reshield, heal and then nuke the silver one. Let yourself regen some might and kill the golden one with a lot of countering his might-abilities.

The Group with three silver ones is harder. Had to try several times before getting the hang of it. Shield your companion and cast regen on him, shield yourself, too. Lift the executioner - he usually can't escape your ability (the other two do). Target one of the other two - i took the one in the back. Let your companion attack and nuke him (ForceWave them away the first time one starts to cast death field). Your target and your companion will probably die both. Cast shield and regen on you and run to the entrance - the group will loos you after passing the green field. Dismiss your companion, call him back, Regen. Go in, shield, lift executioner again and nuke / disrupt the other one.

Not a very nice tactic, but it works on these really annoying groups.