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Today we cleared through 4/5 EV on Nightmare (now that it's fixed to actually be Nightmare). The pylons are bugged, but there's a trick to the encounter that makes it completable.

The SOA encounter though... I really think is impossible.

SOA has over 1 million health, but that's not the insane bit.

The mind traps, that you HAVE to kill or be down players have 218k HP.
Our top DPS, that beat every boss, on nightmare, despite enrage timers, can't keep up with these traps much less actually get any DPS on the boss.
This is nuts compared to the 25k that they have in Hard mode. Unless there is a mechanic that isn't working properly I don't see this boss dying anytime soon. My thoughts are almost that the mob inside the mind traps triggers something, but having killed him dozens of times, it's clear he doesn't do anything.
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