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01.04.2012 , 10:22 PM | #9
Yeah you were wrong.

There's a couple things that make tanking trickier in this game than in "that other game".

1. Ranged mobs are the majority not the minority. This means that aoe tank scenarios, a tank often has to hold onto mobs at range with poor ranged threat ability. Couple this with fairly long cool downs, and you as a dps need to start being more careful: focus down targets, nuke out weak/reg mobs fast, etc.

2. Threat is dps based. We get a threat multipler, but the base threat being generated prior to thr stance multiplier is the same a dps would be generating with poor gear and an unoptinized spec. This means that it is your responsibility to watch your targets more carefully. It also means that it's more challenging for the tank to "rip" threat off dps when they dot have a taunt available.

Dps in this game need to be far more careful. It's also irritating that tanks don't look as "great" when they play as in that other game simply ecause mechanics are designed to make it more challenging and teamwork demanding.