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01.04.2012 , 10:15 PM | #7
I play as an Assassin tank and I've realized that in many situations I just make it worse by trying to control all the mobs of a large pull. The damage dealers should be more than capable of taking care of normal and weak mobs without taking too much damage and my regular healer (Operative) prefers to throw an extra hot on a DD rather than having to spam heal me because the entire pull is hitting me.

Of course if the DDs start breaking CCed targets I get a bit annoyed since it can be a pain to get aggro if I'm not the initiator and taunt is on CD.

My advice: Always let the tank initiate a pull and give him/her at least 2-3 sec before you start AoE nuking. Don't overnuke strong and elite mobs. Don't break CCed targets before the tank. And don't worry too much if you get aggro on a few normal or weak mobs because you should be able to kill them off before the healer REALLY needs to heal you.