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01.04.2012 , 10:09 PM | #5
From a tank point of view:

It depends on the flashpoint, the level, and the outcome. If pulling aggro wasn't causing deaths, or causing the healer too much work, then it's not an issue. HOWEVER if the tank asked you to try not to pull aggro earlier in the instance, was probably better to do so before they turned nasty.

Tbh some of the 50 HM FPs we know sprint through, I barely tank at all, other than taking initial aggro, since our Sorcerers can just rip it off me anyway. Things die fast in most FPs, and don't OMGINSTAKILL anyone. So if, for example you were doing something easy, then they were probably a little uptight.

If it caused any deaths or panic situations, or you'd been asked nicely first and just ignored them, then yes you were in the wrong, and should pay attention to the group dynamic.