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I was playing a flashpoint with a group, and its the first time something like this happened to me....

Im a DPS Commando, and throughout the instance I was DPSing things, grabbing aggro and stuff... Towards the end the group members got hostile and started calling me names and such, chiding me for not allowing the tank to... TANK...

I have grouped with others before and never came across a group thats soooo uptight regarding the whole thing. Really not a fun experience. I thought we are doing great when we blow through mobs after mobs... the only time I let the tank do his job is when theres a major boss around. Thing is, I knew what i was doing, there wasnt a single death, let alone a wipe, we are progressing fast.... So I really dont understand the outburst from my group.

When I played other mmos, Im usually the tank, notably Lord Of The Rings Online. As a tank I dont go screaming @ DPSers who out aggro me as long as you aren the cause of a wipe or anything.

So, any comments?
I think you are in the wrong. Just let the tank do his job. I usually attack the same target as the tank, just so it's harder for me to grab aggro instead.`