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How come such a big number of people seem to think that Vader as he appeared in EPIII is stronger than suit Vader?

If anyones bothers to read some of the books or even on wookiepedia it's very clear that suit Vader is >alot< stronger than Anakin/Vader in EPIII.
Everyone thinks anakin is stronger that vader because the OT was made in teh 70s. They didn't have the technology to show off awesome force powers and have them all over the place.

Vader is far stonger than anakin

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Not entirely, for example, Vader couldn't use force lightning because of his suit, and because he was mostly mechanical, it severely limited his movement. In addition, he had lost a lot of his speed and agility.

The books suggest that this is one of the reasons the Emperor was looking for Luke to replace Vader.
Vader was more resistant to force lightning because of his suit.

Yes he lost speed and agility, however he adapted his fighting style and grew in his powers of the force.

He walked into an ambush set by 8 jedi (3-4 were masters if i remember correctly) and he killed 7 of them himself, and would've killed the 8th but the 501st showed up and did it for him.

Vader is far stonger than people believe.