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01.04.2012 , 08:27 PM | #1
Day after day I come here and have my jaw drop at the sight of "Nerf General Edikar" posts. This boss on whom I have never wiped on, nor have i even had a party member die on, is now being nerfed because he is too hard for the average player to handle.

What was nerfed? His enrage timer was removed. A 60k health boss with a THREE MINUTE enrage timer and people couldn't handle it.

60k people. At 30-35 as a shield spec vanguard I could practically do that much damage in 3 minutes by myself.

Why would I make this post if it doesn't effect me at all? I'm no elitist, I never did any WoW hardmode raids and I'm not rushing to clear operations first on my server.

I made this post because it truly saddens me.

It saddens me because a fairly easy boss with a couple mechanics to make it actually seem like a boss fight (such as the enrage timer) is too much for the average SWTOR player to handle. It saddens me that Bioware is WILLING to enable these players rather than telling them to suck it up and try harder.

So congratulations, those of you who roll your face on the keyboard and complain on the forums when a boss won't die fast enough. You win.