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Wait didn't Lucas later retcon Padme's death to being that the Polis Masa droids were idiots when it came to human medical knowledge and that she actually died due to tracheal damage? It's still stupid to an extent in that there's little evidence to justify it i.e. her struggling to breathe but it's still better than "she lost the will to live".

As for Anakin being good yes, he started out that way. He was a little boy who only wanted to help people. The problem is that due to Palpatine's influence and Kenobi being an idiot mentor Anakin grew arrogant. His need to help people developed into a martyr complex where he would throw himself into danger rather than let others get hurt. It eventually also expresses in a refusal to let go of his attachments and that's what Sidious uses as the hook to bait him.

Really when you look at it if Anakin had just taken a second to think about the situation after agreeing to help Sidious he would have realized that the Sith Lord needed to die. Hell if someone had just pointed out at that point that Padme would eventually chase him down to try to turn him away from the Dark Side and thus lead to her being away from the competent doctors on Coruscant making it much more likely that she would die from complications he probably would have changed his decision immediately.