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01.04.2012 , 08:16 PM | #41
I love this guide! I direct all of my guildies to it. Pretty much explains all of the basic strategies to succeed at huttball in way more detail than I could ever explain it. Wish there was a guide like this written for Voidstar and Alderaan as well, but I guess those are more traditional type games, anyway, so they might not need such a detailed explanation.

Another little thing that I like to do, though, if you have a coordinated team (pre-made over mics, or just a team that knows how to play with each other), is combining the Trooper's pull with the Jedi's Force leap. Jedi falls into the pit, Trooper positions himself on the enemies goal line, both the Trooper and Jedi target the same guy in the pit, Trooper pulls an enemy from the pit, Jedi leaps at the enemy once the enemy lands and runs the ball in.

It's a fun technique if you're coordinated and the enemy team is smart enough to not position their guys near their goal line overlooking the pit.

Haha, then again, it might just be quicker to pass the ball, but it's entertaining when you pull if off.