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The tanks are tanking, the healers are healing, DPS'ers are killing things, no wipes....good raid.

Why do you or anyone need to track anything if everything is working smoothly? Back in the old days before addons, we had to activitly search and try out new guilds or groups to find players that knew what the heck they were doing. The good raiders would be known on servers and they would stick together by world of mouth. No one cared if your rogue was the top DPS in a group, just as long as he knew what he was doing.

As for the your mom jokes, well if they could invent an addon to detect maturity levels you would be rich, and I would use it!
Now I didn't play EQ but I started MMO's with WoW, and even when we played early early on in MC, BWL, ZG, AQ20/40 and Naxx.. we still used Damage Meters to track play style of DPS and Healers. WoW has had addon's since shortly after release.. The game nearly never went without. Now they weren't as wide spread as they became in TBC, but they were there. Many of the leaders in the guilds at the time were already using them to critique the game play of others. Someone is always watching when there is a way.. Many of us did care as many of us were progression oriented guilds. Now there was no DBM or the like at the time.. but the fights were more gear based and not skill based. Tanking with backs to walls, wearing the right amount of resistance, basically.. just staying alive. AQ40 and Naxx were the first DPS races we ever really truely saw.

All I'm saying is these are GREAT tools for a raid leader and even personal use. I used to spend hours on a target dummy, Dr. Boom or running dungeons trying to perfect my rotations and gear sets. Can't do that without mods.. we then play a guessing game and break out the old stopwatch again.