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Here is my link to how bioware is wanting hutball played

It is allowed and nothing is done about it. It deserves to be in the sticky since it is in the game with no recourse by the devs.

Part 1 the easy way to win

Part 2 the cheezy way to win

Remember combat is counterproductive in hutball. Carriers allowed to use sed boost and defense using knockbacks force pull or jump up are the only useful classes worth having in the BG. Hutball is not hard it is easily brken by smart players. The stairs and fires are a non issue the only thing stopping u from running directly to the endzoneis the slime pit. Ge to either sideo i run straight use speed boost and once u get close to the edge simply throw the ball up to ur stealthed teamate waiting.

All guides are great that have been posted but not necessary. Heals worthlss, dps worthless, etc. No comp matters it is more of a pve bg then pvp.
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