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In America there have been about 1 million pre orders

Making a conservative estimate i would say 1.75 million copies have been pre ordered overall.

At this rate 250,000 people a day would get access spread evenly over 7 days.

Spreading this out evenly in a responsible fashion i would say they would have waves every 3 hours, so not to cluster**** to many people.

So at 8 Waves a day this would be about 32,000 people every 3 hours, now thats a lot of ************ people in one spot!

Taking into account that there were about 300,000 pre orders the first week, its safe to say that if u didn't pre order the first week, your not in on day one.

So i would say that everyone who pre ordered in the first week should be in by sometime day 2 at the latest.
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