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I would be ok with players using addons, if they dont shove it down my throat or force me to use them. When it gets to the point that I cant do raids because I choose to not use addons then we have a problem. I can guarantee that my game will be just as good or better than players that rely on addons. I prefer not to use them since I feel players rely to much on them and never learn how to play the game. Take the addons out of WoW and you see guilds of clueless people that think they are elite raiders. I would prefer to never see them in this game so the good raiders will stand out from the bad ones.

...but thats not going to happen, players want to use the "easy' button for raids.
I could flip 90% of this post by adding in reason why addons SHOULD be used. How do you know the raiders are good or bad without a way to track how they use their abilities or how they died so quickly on a pull? People look at this as a negative, "don't tell me how to play", but you only learn by making mistakes. There are always the select scrub out there that posts his damage meter on a trash pack or a Flashpoint/dungeon.. but honestly.. that's the same kid that makes your mom jokes on xbox live when he has a kill ratio of 1 to 22.