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Get a lvl 10 alt que with ur main until your on opposite sides. May take a couple tries but u can quit and quit till u get it since there is not a penalty.

When u get in park ur main on the other side of door so u dont get booted out. Once ur there ur fine because of no afk penalty.

Hop on alt go get the ball from ur own team and run back to ur own goal. Wait in ur endzone like ur scoring on urself.

Get back on main run to your alt kill it and scroe immediately. Hopefully u wont even have to since ur teamates should b able to kill it befoe u get there.

Two accounts makes it easy. But if money is a issue u can just swap alts with friends every couple of bgs or take cycle nights.

Once ur in once just let the game instant que u and ur guaranteed to always be in oppsite groups. Rememeber u can quit and reque aytime without penalty. You dont even need same faction toons and if u use a opposing faction toon its easier to get in against eachother and if oher bgs pop u can then jus afk ur alt so the other team is down a player.

This is a known option in hutball and is no where frowned upon by bioware ive posted but it deserves to be in the sticky since ive never seen a fix or response.

This is the fastest way to win and also once ur good at it u can pretty much solo the intire hutball match.
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