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so yes addons will be required by lazy bad raid leaders that dont want to learn the fight and teach people the fight or just want the fight to be easy. id prefer not.
OR maybe, you weren't as Hardcore or awesome as you think. I've run with groups before on my alts that are OK with bad or lacking players because they are just there for the fun of it and could care less what they down. But I am one of those raiders that will take a fight and pick it apart piece by piece, minute by minute and second by second to get the most out of my DPS or tanking and cd rotation.

Calling people "lazy" or "bad", especially raid leaders, because they use addons is one ignorant statement. The addon's don't teach the fight, the strat posts do. The addons just make a raid leaders job easier so he doesn't have to sit there and time everything out with a stopwatch and screaming over vent. If anything, it makes the raider more accountable for being bad or good. Many folks claim they aren't afraid of that.. but then why make it such a big deal?