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Quote: Originally Posted by BoredOfMMOS View Post
we need addons its personal preference why does the way we play bother you?
is your small brain unable to figure out how they work?
are you really bad and don't want people to be even better?
the UI is horrible hopefully they allow some and i can make my own personal UI.

So explain to me why you dont want addons because it just makes little sense
actually you are wrong about the "no one forcing you" aspect. Alot of guilds go that route. That you NEED to have X mod to raid with them. Yes yes "then you dont need to be with them" but if your freinds or want to do any end game stuff then yes you are being forced to use them.

And even for awhile pugs where the same way. Must have X mod to do be with us. So yes after awhile it was a required thing.

IMO the UI is fine, its just differnt from say WoW or Rift. I don't need them to be like them in order to be comfortable with playing a game.

As for damage meters, more often than not I see more people boasting about there dps than anthing else. So I think most people just get there rocks off getting the highest dps. even at the demise of the group. Because I have seen countless times where dps is pulling agro just to pull agro off a tank.

So for me most damage meters are just a way to boast ones ego in a game.
When it comes to endgame progression ; DPSing is Fun, Healing is Responsibility, Tanking is Work