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How do you know it's pinkish if you haven't actually seen it in-game???

Good so the White color Adegan Crystal is located on Ilum and is from what i can see, always depleted. Which is weird.

There seem to be no trace of the Magenta Crystal or how to get it. I have the schematics myself and I am very much looking forward to crafting this thing.

Any help will be appreciated. It seems weird BW would implement Crystals that can be harvested and schematics for the item if you can't actually obtain it.
You got your schematics from the Belsavis world boss, right? I want to get those for myself :P
With the magenta adegan crystals used in the recipe, someone earlier mentioned about taking the purple crystals out of the Columi gear and then re'ing them to get the crystals, don't know if that works though (but if that is true, and thats the only way to get them, that is incredibly stupid)
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