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01.04.2012 , 03:43 PM | #2
Personally I hope for built in functionality of these things, as I despised the addon update game with each patch.

However, I would wager that many folks asking for UI changes will want addons over built in just for the larger pool of customizations to pull from.

Another item I haven't see much about but would kill for is a change to targeting in general ie, let me click a health bar to select someone. I watched and let someone die the other day because I was trying to target them for a heal but couldn't get past their Khem Val (Biggest NPC hitbox in the game award!)
A world without Damage Measurement
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Without a damage meter, we'll be having things like "LFM for Eternity Vault, must be able to kill the First on Dromand kass in 45 seconds while we watch".