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01.04.2012 , 03:29 PM | #109
As an RP'er myself, I would really appreciate chat bubbles (speech bubbles?!). Been playing for a few weeks now and haven't had ONE single interaction with other players (other than the occational "smile"/"wave" emote) and it's litteraly killing it for me. And it's really too bad because I really dig the storyline/quests so far, but player interaction is ruined IMHO. I will surely keep playing until my free month runs out, but after that... I really don't know. So PLEASE Bioware, get that minor issue fixed, so we can all move along and enjoy the game. And just enable the On/Off toggle, for players that don't like them. It's not like it's rocket science, man.

I seriously thought chat bubbles had become a standard feature in MMORPG's, since early 2000's. But... I guess not.
It's a TRAP!