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01.04.2012 , 03:28 PM | #30
I lead a group that defeated SD-0 pretty easily.

We had 2x50 chars
-1 sentinel
-1 shadow

We also had about 5-6x25ish chars
-1 heals
-rest dps

We then also had about 10 people varied from 12-18
-1 heals
-rest dps

We did not have a tank for this exercise and the 25 healer kept the lvl50 dps healed, our low level healer healed up the lower lvl chars..

We noticed a nuke type AOE or Cleave effect on our first attempt, so on our second attempt we put the heals directly behind the boss, and the 2 lvl 50 in front (obviously)

Then we spaced out our melee so that they were not stacked up on each other as in our first attempt, we were all attacking from the front, and the cleave/aoe killed 90% of the group in 1 shot due to the low level ppl dominating our party.

This tactic worked great, and we downed the boss after about a 5minute fight.

We got 3 purple drops, I pulled some nice lvl16 req medium armor leggings with str/end for my jedi sentinel. Couldnt be happier right now will be happier when I actually hit lvl16

My new guild was impressed with my raid leading abilities, they didnt realize my raiding exp from WoW