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01.04.2012 , 02:51 PM | #108
The only MMO I've ever remembered playing that hat chat bubbles was Second Life, and I can't really call that a game, more like a video chat room...

And wow, were they annoying. In a busy area, you couldn't tell who was saying what, or read them before they got obscured by someone else's bubble...

But then again, I play MUDs/MUSHes where prose in a window is the way it's done.

Count me in the "leave the option off" crowd. And if that happens to be the majority, bubbles won't help get noticed except by the few. I guess we won't find out which camp has more people in it until they try it.

However, what UI "big projects" would you say are less important to do? Because something like this probably ranks up there in complexity, and isn't a quick fix.