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Leveled 1~50 as Darkness and enjoyed it the whole way. Some of the later class quests the other deception Assassins in my guild were failing hard on were a breeze for me. No regrets, I've tried madness and deception specs and always fall back to Darkness. Now I main tank guild raids and I'm coming up on Valor rank 60 usually topping the medals in nearly every warzone. Since I'm on a PVP server being able to 1v1 just about anyone I come across as darkness spec leveling up was really nice as well.
Good to hear.

I went straight up Deception till level 27, where I tried both Madness and then Darkness. So far, I still had the most fun with Deception, particularly in PVP. I would just use stealth, maul, and discharge (with surging charge) as often as I could and I would almost always be around the top damage dealt in each match.

With Darkness, I'm struggling a bit. I suppose my survivability is way higher, but it still feels like I die just as fast as I did as Deception, except now I do terrible damage (I'm never in even the top 5 anymore). I don't know if gear is part of my problem (mostly endurance and willpower) or if it my play style and the choice of abilities I'm using.

Should I still use maul, or just spam thrash until energize procs (which is a total PAIN to notice, btw)?

Thrash, shock, thrash, shock, keeping dark ward up in the process?

Any tips in this regard, or in general?

I like the idea of being a more burly assassin with higher survivability, but right now I just feel like a SLIGHTLY more survivable deception spec but with way less damage.