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I was hoping for the same as SWG so I was already disappointed before I tried them.

I would have to say it's a good break from the ground. For those ground pounders out there that are getting burnt out, do the daily missions. Seriously... It's something totally different.

My only gripe is loot. There doesn't seem to be the chance of ANY random loot for completing the missions. The comms flux based on whether you complete the bonuses. I don't understand why they couldn't add a percentage for a chance of some type of loot to drop. It adds replayability. Hell....people run heroics for that small chance over and over and over. Tss tss Bioware....
I love that idea as well, I know there arent as MANY ship items but if you threw the chance of lockboxes and rare or unique ship items, I think you'd have a lot more folks doing them. I did my daily space stuff today and I was the only one in space on my server, sadness haha
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