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really addons are not required, once they are ingame they will be required.

I played wow, i played wow without addons. I raided in a guild without addons, not damage meters, not threat meters nothing. I did this as a tank and as a dps. I did so well nobody ever questioned whether i had them or not, i guess everyone assumed i had them but i did not. then our raid leader got some addon that showed what everyone was using as addons. it was already a requirement in our guild that you have threat meter, dps meter, some stupid addon that told you to move out of the fire, and some boss addon that told you exactly where and when the boss was going ot move, what he was going to do and everything. talk about making content trivial, hell you got a mod that tells you exactly where to stand to avoid the boss from hurting you, and then say oh wow combat is so hard, pfft, easy.

anyway after our raid leader got this addon, they started enforcing everybody had to go download this crap. so to keep raiding and after many many arguing sessions I finally downloaded them. what the raid leader found out is my dps went down. when i was asked why, i told him you made me download all this crap that clutters up my screen, i cant concentrate on the fight anymore.

so yes addons will be required by lazy bad raid leaders that dont want to learn the fight and teach people the fight or just want the fight to be easy. id prefer not.
Are you really so simple-minded people?
I used to play w/o addons in wow. I did what I had to do, played as arms warrior back then. I was able to keep up with top dpsers, sometimes in top5, sometimes in top10. Still, I was sure that I can do better. But how? When you can't compare the difference that you do with another rotation. Is you damage better or worse? I could use some skill faster than I did. I know that I could. But I didn't. Got POWERAURAS, my dps got better. Got Recount - I was able to observe every change in my damage. New rotation, change of weapon. EVERYTHING. Sometimes I noticed that I could use some skills faster, got some CD addon that changed that cd animation to numbers. Dps got better again.

What i'm saying is, addons are just tools. You don't need them to be good. If you know what to do you will do just fine. But addons also allow you to see why something is going bad. You see dps who is below tank? That's bad. Dunno about you, but I'm personally fed up with carrying people. I can't understand why people are so damn opposite to addons. Is it because you know that someone will finally see you're slacking or not really caring about what's goin' on?

If you pug everything don't expect high-class/hardcore players to play with you all the time. If we get recount for example you will obviously see people spamming damage from everything. In good guilds there is good organisation. People have their own channels, there r class leaders, role leaders. They see who's doin good, who's doin bad. How can you see that when you're basicly blind. THAT'S IT. We r blind atm. I play Bounty Hunter dps now. I know I do really nice damage on every fight. But sometimes I have that feeling that someone is not playing like he or she should. But I can't prove. I can't say anything. I have no proof.

What is more, I can't really compare myself to other bounty hunters. I just don't have the tools to do that. Maybe I could improve myself, maybe. I don't know. Like I said before, we are blind for now.

Ofc addons can help you a lot. DBM is great example, like you said. It told you to move out of fire etc. Well that's great mate, if you needed addon to tell you when to move out of fire, great. I didnt need it and didnt use it. I've done lots of content w/o DBM or any similar addon.

I like to move my UI, like most players. Everyone has his own unique vision how the game should look like. I don't like the positioning of my frame, target frame. I like it more upper left corner, some little skills bars to the bottom, maybe minimap aswell. Im just saying that being forced to some weak UI isnt the best thing they could do.

For the end, since this game ins't free and probably won't be, I have, we all have possibility to demand or want some things. I suppose some people will agree with this.